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Interview with Troy Epperson, Head Futures Trainer of NOFT-Traders

7 Questions to Troy Epperson, Head Futures trainer of Ninja Order Flow Traders aka NOFT

Here you will find the answers to the most important questions that all private investors already wanted to ask Mr. Troy Epperson for a long time.

In this interview, Mr. Epperson will tell us something about the philosophy of NOFT-Traders and he will also reveal some details about his personal way of dealing with the financial markets.

Question: Mr. Epperson, first of all, thanks a lot for being ready to answer these questions my readers and me are interested in! Could you, please, start with telling us a little bit more about yourself?

Answer: Started trading stocks and options in college and really have not stopped trading since.

Of course have added futures and forex trading over the years. I have traded my own money, private individuals funds and worked for a prop firm/hedge fund trading.

I joined NOFT about 6 years ago.

Troy Epperson Teaches Futures Trading

Question: So, when did you start with futures trading and what was your personal motivation to get into this business? By the way, do you still remember your most successful trade and your biggest mishap?

Answer: I started trading futures about 10 years ago and was particularly interested in the leverage and tax benefits verses trading stocks.

At the time the ES was really the place to trade. My biggest mishap was about 5-6 years ago, I was trading a small individual investor account for a client and instead of 1 contract I got filled with 10.

I remember freaking out because I was on the verge of a margin call on the account in addition to having 10 contracts…I immediately got out with a 1 tick profit… Small accounts are a lot of work.

I don’t really remember my most successful trade but do remember having a $50,000 week…or last year having a run of 30 profitable trades in a row with no losers and a couple of 100 tick trades in that run!

Question: To which kind of investors do you offer the services of NOFT-Traders?

Answer: Our primary focus in on the Futures trader but we also have forex and option products.

For the futures trader, we offer software and education specifically focusing on short term order flow trading.

Question: What is the main difference between NOFT-Traders and the competitors in the market?

Answer: Well, that is actually an easy question. Because we don’t just sell you the software and disappear, we teach you how to use the software and then teach you the most important part, which is HOW to apply it and learn to trade.

We have various levels of education products so you can pick and choose the level of training you need.

For example, on demand video library, live training classes, individual mentorships and in person boot camps at our Knoxville, Tennessee training center.

NOFT charting with NinjaTrader

Question: In your personal opinion, what do you see as the most important changes in futures market trading during the last years? What changed into the better and where do you still see an urgent need for action?

Answer: Accessibility! With the internet, you can trade from anywhere in the world! The costs of entry are very low.

While this is a huge advantage, it is also pretty scary. It means with very little capital anyone can be a trader.

That is like letting newly licensed teenage drive a Ferrari on the autobahn. Probably not the best idea.

We need education and training so folks can learn to crawl/walk before they try to run.

Question: If you could look into the future to see where we will be in three years, what will have changed in futures trading then?

Answer: More accessibility! Trading platforms are starting to move to a mobile or tablet based devices moving away from the computer trading stations.

As mobile internet speeds increase and the computing power of tablets and phones increase the need for a physical location will virtually disappear.

Question: In your personal point of view, what are the three biggest advantages regarding the futures market?

Answer: Leverage, transparency and safety.

Bonus Question: What do you think, is the most important aspect in day trading every beginner should be aware of?

Answer: Learning curve. Preservation of capital. Lets face it, trading takes time to learn and most beginners underestimate the time it takes.

They should allocate more funds to education and start with more trading capital then they do.

Most beginning traders fall because they do not survive the learning curve and blow out their accounts due to under capitalization.

Mr. Epperson, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions. All my very best wishes for your business and for your personal life!

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