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Troy Levels

Trade location finder for the Futures Markets

Ninjatrader indicator (must have NinjaTrader NT8)

Trade locations are difficult to determine ahead of time ...

like long before price actually gets to these locations. Troy levels are tuning points where there is a high probability of price changing direction.

The inner workings of this tool are proprietary.  So this product is lease only.

(Transparency is best practice. So no guarantees and no promises. Don't like, don’t use.  Simple.)

The Cool Part

These levels are broadcasted to your chart by the tool…so you don’t need to do anything for the levels to magically appear on your chart


Troy Levels will be updated at least twice a week (some markets may be updated daily if needed) 

Troy Levels Explained

Troy Levels Video

“TroyLevels are awesome! I have traded with Troy for several years and these levels continue to amaze me. When they are combined with order flow, they really give me an edge. It’s like having some sort of secret sauce.”


Adrian in Florida

Money Manager

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